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The program is tailored to address the needs of the labour market. The Committee’s impression is that the Department is close to the market and has a good understanding of the skills sought by employers.

The design of the curriculum is consistent with the Department’s goal for the program. It is similar in structure to programs that are offered internationally and have comparable objectives. Department staff is well -equipped to implement the curriculum. The program is managed by a Coordinating Committee under Prof. Yannelis. The program has a hands -on approach. Several courses make use of statistical and other software (such as Stata). Students have access to this software in the computer laboratory that was set up by the Department for the exclusive use of Masters students.

The program has been running for several years and has proven quite successful. The Department receives between 200 and 300 applications for 35 positions (55 positions since 2010). Our conversations with students indicated a relatively high level of satisfaction. Students view the program as more practical than other similar programs offered in Greece, which they consider as an advantage. They view very favourably the opportunity to come in contact with employers and would like to see even more of that.

There is evidence of good teacher/student collaboration in the last two years of undergraduate studies as well as at the postgraduate level. Students have expressed a preference for more collaboration in the first two years of their undergraduate studies. They are happy with the responsiveness of staff at the postgraduate level and they value classes with applied empirical content where they have an opportunity for hands-on experience. A significant number of faculty members are very willing and open to discuss issues raised by students, something that students have commended. We would like to encourage the use of this practice by all staff members.

Postgraduate students were more positive, expressing in their majority that they would recommend the programme to others.


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